Bishop Abasalon 1128-1201. His sister Ingefred is my 23 x great grandmother. See above on Højbro Plads Cph, 9.12 2009



I am pleased to present my family in a pictorial graphic way.

The family tree below stretches itself over 500 years,
and is 40 years of study by Axel Kølner-Augustson, born Gowertz-Jensen.

Above is a branch where about many, one of my 10 x great-grandmothers,
Else Pedersdatter (Løvenbalk)
born 1559 dead 17.5 1591.  Married 15.12 1577 with Jacob Jensen Holm Bishop in Ålborg, DK. The grandfather of Else Pedersdaughter was Thøger Jensen who became a Munk and his wife a Nun, and his father was Jens Lauridsen Løvenbalk and the great grandfather of
Thøger Jensen was Mogens Jensen Løvenbalk who´s great grandfather was a son of the King Christoffer II and his mistress Jomfru Lunge.
The wife of Mogens Jensen Løvenbalk, Else Svendsdatter Udsen was a descendants of the white family, the oldest family in Denmark with the ancestor Skjalm Hvide. The 2 x great grandfather of Else Svendsdaughter Udsen
was Marsk Stig Andesen, dead in Hjelm at Ebeltoft in 1293.
Marsk Stig Andersen murdered in a conspiracy, the King Erik Klipping,
on Sct. Cæcilias night november 1286, 730 years ago.
The King Erik Klipping was 2 x great grandfather to Mogens Jensen Løvenbalk.
The married couple must have known that!
(Sources: Axel Kølner-Augustson, Axel Bøgh 1969, Finn Holbek)


The resolutions of the family trees which are presented here, cannot appear higher
than shown. The original files are very large. The two jpg
pictures indicates just, and you get an idea of the extent of my family trees.
If you should have any interest in seeing the files more clearly then you are welcome to contact me.